Ramana Sundara – Winner of National Speech Contest 2016

Ramana acquired and practiced public speaking essential skills since becoming a member of York RI speakers club in September 2010. His skills were put to test at the Association of Speakers Clubs National Speech Competition held in Aberdeen on 23rd April 2016. Ramana represented the Eastern District and contested against seven other contestants representing various districts of Great Britain. Beating the tough competition, Ramana became the Winner of National Speech Contest 2016. We have seen his confidence in public speaking has considerably improved and strengthened the ability to spice up even mundane subjects such as “Tea”, to grab the attention of the audience with clever wordplay, alliteration and a good sense of humour.

Please join me to congratulate Ramana for winning this year’s National Speech Contest and making York RI Speakers Club so proud.

Frank McNeill

Secretary, York RI Speakers Club